Rent out your holiday home more with these golden tips

A good photo presentation is part of the successful rental of your holiday home. Many homeowners greatly underestimate this and can make a significant profit here. The tips below tell you why good photos of your holiday home are so important.

Good photos are the calling card of your holiday home

Because people are visually oriented, photos are often the first on which potential tenants rate a holiday home. So it is the calling card of your holiday home. When your holiday home is offered on other websites, the 1st photo of the holiday home is usually shown in the search & book section. It is therefore useful to always start with a photo of the outside of your holiday home. Also on your own website.

Provide the right holiday feeling with photos

Please note that the exterior photo of your holiday home meets the needs of the potential tenant at that time. If someone is looking for a summer vacation, they are often in the "summer mood" and it is important that your photo is taken in good weather. Preferably at a time when the area is nice and green. For example, think of spring when all trees have fresh new leaves and many flowers are in bloom. Everyone gets the (holiday) jitters of such fresh photos. If you come into the picture at that moment with a gray autumn photo, this does not meet the needs of the tenant.

The same applies of course the other way around for tenants who are looking for a winter sports holiday. Make sure to show a lovely winter photo of your holiday home in the snow. Are you on a website where this is not possible, or do you have a website where this is not possible? just change the order of your photos per season!

Provide a complete picture of your holiday home with photos

A holiday often revolves around a bit of atmosphere and experience. And somewhere it is always a bit "scary" because you leave your own familiar environment to go on holiday in an unknown house. When booking a holiday, you as a tenant want to be sure that you will not be faced with surprises on arrival. Before a booking is placed, all details will be critically reviewed to remove as much fear and uncertainty from the tenant as possible.

As a landlord you can respond well to this. You do this by presenting good photos of each room. Show everything, living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, garden, in short: everything. By showing everything about your holiday home, you remove a bump from a potential tenant. For example, if the photos of the bathroom are missing, a tenant may wonder why these photos are not included. They start to hesitate and in the worst case they drop out and you miss a reservation. It is very simple to remove this kind of doubt, so make the most of this simple tip. It is a small effort and it provides you with a lot.

Be successful with these photo techniques

It may be an open door, but it really is not that much more difficult: in all cases, make sure that the photos of your holiday home are sharp and of high quality.

In addition, make sure that a photo is always taken lying down. Why will we try to explain you with an example: Most screens are larger from left to right than from top to bottom. If you are viewing photos, a landscape photo will appeal to you much more than a portrait photo. You are, as it were, withdrawn from the photo. It seems much closer and comes across better than a portrait photo with a lot of white around it on the left and right. All that white is space that you don't use.

In fact, you can summarize all these tips very briefly: think carefully and make sure that your holiday home meets the wishes of the potential tenant. It is often about atmosphere and experience. Communicate this as well and as realistically as possible. It seems like a small detail, but you will see that these tips will give the rental of your holiday home a big boost.

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