Your own holiday home website?

Why let us make your holiday home website?

Have a rental website made for your holiday home? Then you've come to the right place. Our Falco package gives you a ready-made solution. In addition, you do not need any technical knowledge of html, css, php etc. to maintain your website. We provide a complete website for your holiday home where you only have to add the content. The website comes standard with an online reservation module. In addition to editing texts and photos, you can keep track of prices, additional costs and occupancy.

We have this to offer you:

  • Your website is easy to manage
  • Suitable for any device
  • Perform well in Google
  • Professional design
  • Accumulation guarantee​​​​​​​
  • Your own online reservation system
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Worry-free hosting
  • Optimized for speed
  • Mollie integration for online payments

No hassle, directly online

With Falco you do not have a start-up period, your website is online and ready for use within a few hours. Thanks to our ready-to-use and highly effective templates, you no longer need a web designer or developer. With Falco you are in control and you can adjust everything without technical knowledge. We take care of the technology, you do the rest.

Holiday home website

Wall of fame

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Online reservationsystem

Availability calendar

Falco has a complete booking module. This way, visitors can immediately book their favorite period on the website.

At the back you can enter and adjust the prices, additional costs and occupancy of your holiday home.

Good findability in Google

We believe a website stands or falls with good findability in Google. As a homeowner, you obviously don't want to be busy with SEO or other technical problems where your knowledge is not.

Fortunately, we have over 10 years of experience with online findability and we are constantly working on the latest trends and techniques.

Findability in Google
Lifetime updates

Accumulation guarantee

The only constant in the world of technology is change. We understand that these technological changes cannot always be kept up for you as a home owner, or that this is simply not your interest.

Creating a website is one thing, but continuing to develop and keep it up to date is another. Failure to do so can make your website appear outdated quickly. To develop you have to keep investing continuously and in doing so everyone makes a different decision.

This is not necessary with Falco because with us you automatically grow with us. We constantly innovate and update your website automatically. So you don't have to be a trend watcher yourself, and you don't have to keep making expensive investments.

Try one month for FREE!

With us you know in advance exactly what your costs are.
No hassle with additional hourly bills and no surprises afterwards.

Holiday home website

€ 50 / maand

1 25

  • No starting fees
  • Your own website and mailbox
  • Easily update pages
  • Advanced price and availability
  • iDEAL payment at booking or in installments
  • Great findability in Google (SEO)
  • Grow along with new functionalities
  • Try 1 month for free

Frequently Asked Questions


After delivery of the website, a contract period of at least one year applies. When this year ends you are flexible and you can cancel at any time. The notice period is one full calendar month.


No, a direct import is not possible. Falco is set up in such a way that we automatically help you through the process step by step. All data is immediately placed in the right places on the website. Very handy: you can fill your website yourself without technical knowledge.


Yes, if you start with 2 holiday homes and one holiday home is sold, you can always convert your subscription to the module for one holiday home. Conversely, you can always expand with space for additional holiday homes.


Stop? Once you have used Falco, you do not want anything else. Falco offers more advantages than disadvantages. However, if you do want to stop, you have full ownership of the content on your website. Of course you will lose all Falco functionalities, like pricing and reservations.

Questions? Or more information?


FalcoTravel is specialized in making rental websites including reservation system for holiday homes, holiday parks & tour operators.